10 Ultimate S@x Positions to Sweeten S@x Experience

S@x is the best part of human beings but for your hidden desire, you must need a perfect companion who can do anything thats you deserve in your life. S@xuality is a skill that can break or strengthen relationships. If you’re not s@xually compatible with your partner, the intimacy scene could slide downwards, which could lead to stress and frustration.

There are many options for s@x lovers to experiment with, like watching erotica and playing with s@x toys and various s@x positions, and also watching striking images. But the main enjoyment is with your partner and that should be perfect in all ways, like she knows the dance, having good attributes to impress thier partner, gorgeous mind-blowing body physics and an amazingly sharp mind which helps to handle all kinds of customers and thier all expectations. It is possible to do this with your partner or with any s@xually active girls.

Welcoming you here to Ahmedabad Escorts Service where we’re going to talk about the top 10 s@x roles that you could try to make your s@x life more exciting.

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These are the top 10 best s@xual positions

Liberated Missionary S@x Position :

One of the most popular and easiest poses thats everybody tries and knows because of its simplicity. This is a more comfortable position than the standard missionary position with a solid, ramp-shaped pillow that can be used to raise the butt up into the air without having to perform any additional work. You should try this one of the amazing best positions with those girls which you meet at first sight. It also makes access to the Gspot more easily to enjoy a satisfying and enjoyable anal sexual time.

Doggy Style S@x Position :

Everybody dreams to enjoy this position once in thier life with a one-night stand partner, because thier own partner may refuse to do this vulgar pose, so every client who visits outside may hire a beautiful girl and experience this pose with her. Though not used by a lot of couples, this position is considered to be the most preferred s@xual position for men. In the Doggy style position, the penetration takes place to the person lying on their stomach, with knees and hands on the floor. To intensify the feeling allow your partner to glide an airy feather across your back when you’re undergoing the penetration.

Additionally, this positioning will allow easy access to hair. If you’re seeking the sensation of pressure, but not pain, take the hair at the base. If you’re seeking an extra bit of pain in this pleasure, grab it at the very end.

Standing69 S@x Position :

One of the most enjoyful poses, in this, both partners enjoy oral fun moments is thats Instead of doing 69 lay down and 69 lyings down, you can crank up the temperature by doing it while standing. Your partner should lie face-up on the bed, with your feet on the floor to ensure the best foundation. Once you perform this pose with your partner should clean both of your private parts very cleanly and after that, you get ready to standing the 69 poses.

In the next step, get into the 69 positions, and put your arms over her pelvis as the other person grabs your legs. Then, place them over your shoulders. When you have an ensconced grip on one and are able to slowly lean back, engage in oral s@x with one or the other. This isn’t easy to master, but once you’ve done it successfully it’s lots of enjoyment.

Table Top S@x Position :

Every girl wants she perform this private meeting with thier partner in different places, and Table Top is the best position and woman’s favorite pose according to our experts. If you are looking for tense and s@xually dirty fun with your partner for ultimate s@xual pleasure, try this position. A counter in the kitchen is a great spot but you can also hop on your bed or table too.

Your partner should bring her knees close, then twist them to one side and then push her from this position to get an intense and raw banging session.

Lotus S@x Position :

Like a Lotus, both partners sit on the floor and start a hot session by wrapping themselves around each other in snakes. and enjoy this Lotus position, have you enjoyed this pose or not, kindly comment to us about this topic of your experience. If you are looking for a feeling of intimacy with your s@x partner, then there’s no s@xual position that is close to the intimacy of a lotus. Simply lie down in a lotus pose with your legs straddling your ankles. Have your partner lay on your lap in a face-to-face position by tying their legs to your waist. 

The Chair S@x Position :

This is among the most beautiful as well as gives lots of exotic enjoyment and increases your libido power, s@xually attractive s@xual positions for having s@xual intimacy. You can sit on a chair without arms with your juicy and erect hard Dick. Have your partner ride with you by putting your feet on the floor. It’s more manageable to maintain an extended time, and it could be like an actual lap dance.

Scoop Me Up S@x Position :

As the name spoon, both partners enjoy every moment of their private time with each other both are lying in the same position and enjoying. In this situation, both two partners are lying in the same direction, with their bodies in contact in a manner that is similar to spoon s@xual s@x. You can make it into a more kinkier play to create grasping your female partner’s s@xually s@xy boobs and embracing them. If both of them are in a high state of excitement, you can begin anal s@x to enjoy a more intense s@xual experience over a long period.

Mermaid S@x Position :

Lay your female partner on her back, wow thats really exciting, I feel so happy introducing such kind just kind of pose, in this position above your body while keeping her pelvic area lifted above the ground, placing her hands on her waist, and her legs in between yours. Then, push her to the front, seated on your knees while keeping the upper part of your body in an upright posture. This may also improve your immunity power, strength, and stamina when you do the same position for at least one week.

Lazy Dog S@x Position :

It’s a s@x posture like doggy, however with less intensity since both partners lie on the mattress. The female is lying on her stomach. Her arms are bent at the elbows, and legs are pushed to the side, and one is bent to the knee. The male is lying on top of his lady with her facing backward of her head and peering into the back for s@xually provoking fun. This is a fantastic s@x position when both lovers are in awe but are not as energetic.

Golden Arch S@x Position: This is one of my favorite poses and this may increase my energy as well as mood, if you are an alcoholic and wants some extra flavor in love the must try this pose with your one-night partner, who can never refuse you to do this. This is a face-to-face posture for a clear perspective of the other’s body. As a man, you are sitting in a straight position with both legs, and she lies over you with bent knees between your legs. You each lean forward. In case you’ve got a big penis Golden Arch s@xual position lets you truly control the depth to ensure s@xual pleasure that is aroused.

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