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Hello, my name is Rupal, and here is my most recent picture. Several months ago, I was looking for reliable call girl companies in Ahmedabad to work as an independent escort.

long term partner

I summoned the bravery to call various call girl agents in Ahmedabad and inquire about the technique and earnings involved.

One thing I saw in 90% of the Escort Companies in Ahmedabad was that they were all run by uneducated agents who appeared to be roadside goons when I spoke to them.

Then, after calling some random 13 to 14 call girl agencies in Ahmedabad, I came across a website called The hypnotic appeal of this site compelled me to contact this agent and give it one last shot.

And to my astonishment, my hunch was correct! Just like the website, the agent talked in a polished English accent and explained every information regarding the position in a nice and peaceful tone.

This last contact was such a relief that I was desperate to use this escort agency to make ends meet. Unlike other agents, this one informed me exactly what they charge their customers and how they divide it between ladies and agencies.

Without hesitation, I joined, and I am now a successful Freelance Escort in Ahmedabad. I am delighted and grateful to God that I am always among the proper people and have never been in difficulty due to my employment.

I recently became acquainted with some of my coworkers who are from Russia. This agency has a large number of Indian and Russian escorts working in Ahmedabad.

Our agent advises us all to maintain stringent sanitary standards and deliver the finest service possible to our consumers. We are provided additional money as tips and gifts as rewards if our customers provide positive comments.

One thing is certain: in Ahmedabad, there is no finer escort agency than the one I work for. Finally, I would repeat what my agency tells everyone: “Please come to us only after trying all others.”“.

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