Two Adults Take Wrong Turn First Night in Ahmedbad Best Hotel

About two months after I went to a seminar at one of the Hyatt Regency Ahmedabad. I was surprised to find that the gorgeous lady was there.  However. I did ask her name. Then, to my surprise, she gave me my name. After a few days, I called her and she returned the call. I asked her to leave. There was silence on the other side. Finally. She asked, “Why do you want to let me go? I’m older than you”.

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She then demanded: “Where do you propose to take me?”

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After we had completed our walking I was invited to her house for a strawberry shortcake. She was at home and was more relaxed.

She was asked if it would be a pleasure to go to the Hyatt Regency which is one of the top five-star rated hotels call girls in Ahmedabad. I invited her to come to my house within two days. She walked towards me and laid her head inside my chest. My hands lifted her head. We kissed. The kiss was long, passionate, and deep thats aroused me fully and I wanted something bigger thats not planned.

I walked over to her couch and pulled her towards me. I sucked my head into her pissy. She shook her hands and put them on my face. Then I lifted her skirt and took off her cotton pants.

I put her on the couch. Her luscious lips were stunning with her large lips. We kissed each other for a long time which gave me amazing sensual pleasure before meeting. Our tongues glowed in a dance of love.

I gently brushed her breasts. It was firm what my palm was. Her nipples were brown with protruding. I kissed them each. It was apparent that the eyes of one girl were closed.

Her hips were moving. I asked the girl “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”

She nodded and began to take off my pants. I threw my shirt away and threw on my pants. Her eyes were focused on my dick, and she brought me closer to her for a second-long kiss.

I moved toward her soft melon. I kissed and licked her slit. Her clit was full of gills. She lifted me and I was able to lose myself in her beauty. As I indulged in her beautiful puss she acted as her love opera.

Her pussy was now fully active and wet from my juices. She wanted me to kiss her. Our lips were locked. She continued to kiss me, while at the same time, she sipped her pussy which was in my mouth.

I went back to her genital area. Her hands were gripping my mouth while I was eating her delicious pissy which was like a soft melon.

Then she announced, “It’s my turn”. She swung her cock at me. The tiny fingers of her were gently stroking him. She laid herself on top of me. Then she began to study my rod. She commented on my size as well as being circumcised. She put both hands on the shaft while the head of the man was still visible.

The girl kissed me after that, she licked and then sucked him. One of her hands landed on my balls, and she rubbed my balls as she breathed in my daddy.

Her face was ridiculous with excitement. I took her upstairs to the bedroom. She drew my cock through her v@gina. The feeling was intense. Her beautiful face excited me even more. I could feel the throbbing of my the cock as it poked at her tummy with every thrust.

We were in a missionary position. I whispered to her, “What am I doing to you?” She whispered back, “You are loving me”. I responded. “Yes I love what I am doing to you but I’m also doing something else to you”. She said. “Yes! You’re going to fuck me. I love the way it makes me feel. Let me look at your cheeks.”

I pulled my dick away and put him on her stomach. My dick sparkled in her fluids. She sat up to stare at him. She grabbed my crook and pulled him back to her.

I pulled her out and turned her around. She was aware of what was to come. Her head was lowered to her pillows. Her beautiful face was turned towards the left. She was radiant in our common passion. She said, “please be gentle with me. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you”. I went into her v@gina and pulled. My cock slid about 1/2 in her. She resisted and raised her back. I pushed her back. My dick vanished from her body. I began my slow methodical movement.

At first. She was still. Then she started with a series of counter-thrusts by her body. I reached out for her breasts and kissed one.

She was now crying in delight. I gently massaged her stomach using my left hand. It was easy to feel the cock making its movements deep within the womb of her baby.

After a couple of minutes her body gushed moisture, and she commenced an array of strong counter-thrusts.

She snatched the sheet from her hand and began to cry in delight at our intimacy union. I wished to be the top of her so that I could take pleasure in her beautiful face.

I pulled back her attention, and she turned to kiss me. Kissing my face with both her hands, she was sitting on the floor. She stopped and tears dripped from her eyes. She declared, “Your cock felt like it was inside my throat. I’ve never experienced this sensation.” She kissed me again.
We went back to our post of a missionary thats you wants to do with Ahmedabad Russian call girls. My cock was inflexible. I sat and watched as it got into her tummy. I was pulled down by her and we kissed repeatedly. I realized I was getting close to ejaculating. I demanded. “Where do you would like this to go? on your tummy? On your pussy? Or on your face?

She responded, “Robert, I want you to spray my body with your sperm”. I pulled out my bladder and poured my cum onto her body. She looked up at me and then grabbed me. She grabbed my dick away from me and continued to stroke him until he burst into flames.

We fell into an embrace. I fell asleep to sleep. She sat me down with one leg draped across my body.

Sometime later. I felt a soft, warm cloth on my Dick. She was cleaning him. She then cleaned my testicles, too. Then she started to delight my balls. She would stroke, then suckle my dick. This continued for around 30 minutes. I was back to rock solid. The rest of the day expressing our love for one another.

My teacher taught me beautifully, that well-educated women are always arousal beings. They too are enthralled by the fervor of human nature.

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